D-Day Conference

Our 2016 D-Day Conference took place on Saturday 14th May 2016. Our conferences are aimed at a wide range of people. Whether you have a long-standing interest in D-Day or are just curious to find out more about this subject, we would love to see you there! 

This is the programme of talks that took place during the 2016 conference. We are now planning next year's conference. You can sign up below to receive more information about the 2017 conference when it is available.

Dr Simon Trew, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, "Osttruppen, Hiwis, Alsatians, Volksdeutsche and other foreigners: the non-German contribution to the German defence of Normandy, June – August 1944" 

Dr Toby Haggith, Senior Curator, Imperial War Museum, "Allied film coverage of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy".

Andrew Knapp, Emeritus Professor, University of Reading, "Allied bombing and French civilians, March-September 1944". 

Lt Col (Retd) Ian Holmes and veteran Bill Edwardes (1st Worcesters), "43rd (Wessex) Division and the Battle of Normandy".

Dr Steffen Prauser, Centre for War Studies, University of Birmingham, "The contribution of the Resistance to the Liberation of France".

David Verghese, Naval Researcher for the period 1920-60, "First in - first out: job done: the story of the X-craft at Juno and Sword".

Dr Paul Latawski, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, "Command Problems in Closing the Falaise Pocket".

During the 2014 D-Day conference

Above: Our 2014 D-Day conference, with historian Max Arthur speaking.

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